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profound impact to the children and families in Texas.

What is the common bond that drives this Teamwork?

Answer: Dedication. 

Smart teamwork is driven by vigilant dedication in providing a nutritional meal to the children of this great state of Texas. This is an important mission as studies continue to show the linkage between nutrition and scholastic performance. But as we all know, a large component of participation in food programs is driven by the quality of the food presentation and ambiance—it’s all about the experience. As a result, this common bond drives everyone involved to put their personalities aside to create that quality atmosphere.  Each individual on the team, from the cashier to Superintendent or the carpenter to the CEO, all provide something different and it’s the diversity of thought focused on a common goal that makes the solution engine powerful. 


​​Teamwork + Dedication                = Success for Children

Michael Horn                                                             The Edu-Source Corporation

Working in the Food Service Industry my entire career I have been fortunate enough to experience both sides of our important business.  Even after 27 years in Food Service and 8 years as an Industry partner, I am still amazed by how seamless all the moving parts work together to provide a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and in some districts, dinner to the millions of children across our country each day. This symphony of hard work, thoughtfulness, and brilliance is challenged constantly by waves of new policy, regulations, guidelines, and economic downswings and budget shortfalls. Adding to the complexity are the shifting needs of the individual students, their parents, and the surrounding community. Based on my observations, regardless of the challenges or complexity facing them each day the Food Service Industry is incredibly successful and manages to run an efficient and cost effective operation 24/7.

So what is the secret to the food service industries success?

Answer: Teamwork

Teamwork is part of the Food Service Industry DNA. We, the Food Service Industry, understand the power of working shoulder-to-shoulder to solve the daily glitches, annual planning difficulties, or the next generation of challenges facing us in the 21st century.  The teamwork between Food Service, Industry, and the Community is key to ensuring that a 360 degree perspective is applied to select the best solution.  The best solutions are forged when we combine: Food Service’s deep understanding of requirements; Industry’s broad perspective from other districts; and the community’s immediate feedback or early involvement. ​This level of integration is necessary to connect across districts, industries, and communities to share best practices.  To foster this transfer of knowledge and identify applications for new techniques; forums are essential to creating a

   We bring you high-quality customer service and expertise

  • Our local presence provides real-time access to a wide array of expertise

  • Fluency in federal food program policy and budget processes to help navigate challenges

  • Expedited design and installation process to meet tight dead-lines

  • Advanced project monitoring tools to provide visibility into key milestones

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So I would like to say thank you to all Teams that have dedicated every day to providing a nutritious meal to all the children. From North to South and East to West, across Texas your united dedication has resulted in an enormous success for all the children in this great state of Texas. 

The advantage we provide to our customer is simple...

  We bring it all together

  • Tailored solutions to meet customer timelines, budgets and expectations

  • Cutting-edge restaurant quality aesthetics, layouts, furniture and technology 

  • Techniques and activities for building student excitement to anchor success

  • Turn-Key planning, design and installation services

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